VIA @TheBoombox…Floyd Mayweather Won’t Be Coming To Rescue Suge Knight

Tickets for Mayweather-Pacquiao bout on sale today:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Say’s He’s Better Than Muhammad Ali?

Commercial For The Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao Fight – 


  Here Is The First Official Commercial For The Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao Fight –

Loyal Or Nah?

Shekinah ,

Tiny’s hairstylist and friend posted on instagram that she facetimed her Big Bro Floyd Mayweather and Instagram went ham on her.

Shekinah said she and T.I. have never been friends and that she can talk to whom ever she wants to…. Do you think that she is being disloyal to Tiny by still keeping her friendship with Floyd after all that mess went down in Vegas about Floyd smashing Tiny….around the time she found out T.I. had cheated on her and had a baby.

Is this being Disloayal?

Floyd Taught Her…… #PrincessLove #RayJ

Floyd Mayweather’s ex  now Ray J‘s Girl Friend Princess Love was arrested in New Orleans for allegedly beating him Up.

Ray J returned to his hotel after spending the night with TV producers at a strip joint.

Princess went ballistic and attacked him, cracking several ribs, busting his lip open and tearing his ACL.

Princess was arrested and booked for domestic abuse and battery.

Rumor has it that Ray J himself bailed her out .