Are You Single By Choice?


I just love the log “Black Girls Are Easy” This man speaks the truth……

“Just because you don’t fall in love with every nigga that calls you pretty, doesn’t mean you’re un-dateable, it means you’re content with being in a relationship with yourself. Sure there will be times where you feel like a fifth wheel, or you don’t have the comfort of coming home to somebody, but you’re only as bored as your personality. If you’re a fun person you’re going to find entertainment in any crowd. You’re happy shaking that ass in the club while your handcuffed friends have to stand around talking to each other. You’re happy in your soft ass bed with your bottom bitch, Mr. Fingers, while your homegirl is in her bed with a nigga that snores and busts nuts in two minutes. Look on the brightside of being single and satisfied and enjoy it while it lasts! One day you’re going to be happily married, yet still think of that single life as some of the best times of your life.”

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