What Do You Know About The Mckinney Pool Party …?

Tatyana Rhodes and Mom Lashawna Organized the McKinney Texas Pool Party

The Organizers of the Pool Party Were Blacks Residents ……The end of school year pool party was 15 year old Tatyana Rhodes and her mother Lashawna.

According to Tatyana and her friends, some of the neighbors did not agree with the party and some of its guests, who are not residents of the community, but  friends of Tatyana’s. This lead to the  altercation and police being called to the scene there after:

Tatyana: So basically what happened was, me and my sister and few friends made a cookout and basically when I went to go get my keypad from someone, this lady was saying some raicial slurs to my friends, she was saying things like “Black F-ers” and “That’s why you live in Section 8 homes. And there was also a male friend that was saying rude things…

So I said ‘Excuse me?’ and then the other lady, her name is Kate, came up to me and she smacked me in my face. And she went and hit me in my face and that’s when most of the people attack me.
“He was just aggressive for no reason at all, it was horrible. Everything could’ve been solved way better than what it was. There were other officers that were actually nice to people.”

I live in Craig Ranch. Most of the [people that attended] do.

LaShawna (Tatyana’s Mom): I’m just upset we couldn’t have a peaceful event and if there were any issues that they truly had, they should’ve came to me, the adult, that was here at the event, and say ‘Hey, we don’t want the kids or whatever,’ and then let me handle it but not go the extreme. Most of these kids [were classmates]. There was food and everything.


The person who filmed the entire incident, a Caucasian teen named Brandon Brooks, most definitely thinks that this was a race issue:

Via a recent interview, Brandon revealed:

The 9-1-1 call was probably described as this Black girl beating up this mom, which was actually the other way around. The mom pulled the girl’s hair. I think the cop just got nervous and started putting every Black person on the ground, trying to catch this on girl who was in the fight with the mom- while the mom just stood there and laughed.

The parents were mostly like, ‘Oh, they deserved it.’ Or, ‘They shouldn’t have been in our pool.’ The parents were like happy that all he kids got put in handcuffs and were getting escorted out of the pool and whatever. The kids’ reaction was mostly like, ‘Oh my God.’ Or, ‘What’s gonna happen [to us?]

Most definitely [this was a race issue]. Some of the comments on my YouTube video were like, ‘Oh, the cameraman must be white.. because I was standing in the middle of these hoards of Black people, and I was the only one who the cops didn’t look at or who the cops didn’t put handcuffs on. I was basically invisible to the cops.



In 2009, the city of McKinney was sued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for discrimination.
The Department brought actions against the city of McKinney and the McKinney Housing Authority after officials rejected a proposal to construct affordable and low-income housing on the west side (mostly Caucasian) area of McKinney, which includes Craig Ranch.

The community’s indoor and outdoor sports training center, which includes the pool, was founded by African-American Olympic gold medalist and world record sprinter Michael Johnson.

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