“Stop the Spread of #unprotectedtext” Campaign

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Be honest. Have you ever used a phone with a cracked screen?

If so, you’ve engaged in unprotected text, a very risky activity.

But all is not lost.

As a part of their Stop the Spread of #unprotectedtext campaign,Gazelle is giving you the opportunity to bare your soul on their Facebook page!

Gazelle’s “Stop the Spread of #unprotectedtext” Facebook Campaign

Unprotected text is plaguing smartphone users everywhere. Even though they have a cracked screen, many users are still using their smartphone.

This behavior exposes them to all kinds of risks, including germs and injuries.

To help prevent this epidemic from spreading, Gazelle & Fashions Mistress are asking our followers to share their shattered screen story and why they continued to use a broken phone  on facebook .

In 50 words or less, share your story about how you broke your phone and why you continued to use it. Be sure to use hashtag #unprotectedtext and @Gazelle in your social post.
Pre-Owned is Still Pretty Awesome!

When you post, you’ll be automatically entered to win a Gazelle Certified pre-owned iPhone or iPad.

Now is your opportunity to help stop this epidemic from spreading!