Nail Color Based On Your Sign

Neon nails are hot for summer–as long as you keep them grounded. Pair Complete Salon Manicure Beachside Astrologer Lady Libra-ty polish with a nude Cup O' Capricorn accent, and you get celestial perfection.


This solid Scorpio Sizzle mani suits the strong, powerful nature of the Scorpi-lady perfectly. (Or any star sign, for that matter).


The queen of the Zodiac will relish the drama and warmth of Leo in Rio orange. A splash of Cup O' Capricorn polka dots only ups the magnetism.

LeoStructure with a touch of whimsy is the vibe for this astrological mashup. Detail-oriented Virgos will identify with clean Virgo-Go Pink polish and a neatly stenciled graphic design. That bright turquoise? Chalk it up to Age of Aquarius's inventive, free-flowing nature.