Create your own Affiliate Network

Did you know that you create your own affiliate network on Cityblis?

You can get your friends, your followers, your bloggers or anyone to join your network and start earning money for you.

Start by creating your own Cityblis Affiliate Network using your link below. You then invite people to join your network as a Cityblis Affiliate. As a member of your network you earn a commission on everything they earn.

Imagine you invite a friend to join your Cityblis Affiliate Network. They sign up to your network and become a Cityblis Affiliate. Your friend then earns a commission of $200 from a sale. As a member of your network you get 10% ($20) for inviting them and your friend gets 90% ($180) for making the sale. Now imagine that you have 300 friends, followers and members all earning commissions for you. The bigger your network grows, the bigger your commissions will be. It’s that easy…….. SIGN UP NOW

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