Conversations That Dancers Are Bored Of Having 

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Daisies At Dawn

As a dancer you will find, that people have expectations and prejudgements of you. Dancers are stereotyped to be and act a certain way, and honestly, that’s OKAY! We don’t mind (most of the time)! Because yes, more often than not, we do play up to the stereotype (as we have already established, we love being stagey), but sometimes, JUST sometimes – we know, EXACTLY what is going to come out of the mouth of the non-dancers we socialise with. And it just gets a little bit boring! We are normal human beings too!

Here are a few stereotypical things that a dancer may hear from time to time, just setting our teeth on edge. Most of the time we will laugh nonchalantly and answer these aggravating statements with a well rehearsed reply – keeping our sarcastic responses to ourselves!

The following are the kind of questions you expect to…

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