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‪#‎TODAY‬ In 1964, the day after winning the heavyweight championship at age 22, the Kentucky boxer known to all as Cassius Clay, publicly changed his name to Muhammad Ali as he accepted Islam and rejected Christianity. “I believe in the religion of Islam. I believe in Allah and in peace…I’m not a Christian anymore.” #TODAY in 1966, Andrew Felton Brimmer (September 13, 1926 – October 7, 2012) a noted United States economist, academic, and business leader. became the first African American governor of the Federal Reserve Board when he is appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson. 

Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson (1875-1950) was an African-American historian, author, journalist and the founder of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. Woodson was one of the first scholars to study African-American history. A founder of Journal of Negro History, Woodson has been cited as the father of black history. In 1920, he founded the “Associated Publishers.” #TODAY in 1926, the NAACP Spingarn medal winner, announced the institution of Negro History Week, which coincided with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. In 1976, the observance was expanded to “National Afro-American History Month,” in honor of the nation’s bicentennial. Beginning in 1975, U.S. Presidents have paid tribute to the mission of the association and urged all Americans to celebrate Afro-American History Month.


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