Yandy Tells Us what Really Went Down #LHHNYC

After Remy Did her posting Yandy Did Her’s and told us what the real deal was and why she was so turnt up on Remy……..

Yandy Post on Instagram…..

I got your message sweetheart. No one ever said you were a random girl off the street.

You and I both know the scene was edited and I spoke about just how we met in the scene. I met you in the mall, you were a huge supporter and showed up to every single booking in the city, all my EGL events, every jewelry party, church, even personal engagements with my family and I was always welcoming because I’m all about women empowerment and taking someone under my wing. Now ish changes when you doing the same thing to my man.

Let’s be real, I told you about protocol well before TV when you mentioned getting into this business. 1.) dress for the job you want not the job you have 2.) be professional at all times with the people associated with the job you want 3.) educate yourself and keep people around you smarter than you so you can learn. Never was attach yourself to someone’s man and show up to all his events part of the “mentorship advise”. Still I let that slide. You got the job by lying to him and telling him you worked for EGL (one of the companies I own), instead of hitting me up you DM’d him and told him you worked for me(fail), you then got inappropriate and tried to lock arms with him walking out the club while taking abunch of sneak selfie pics. That’s when you lost your damn mind and had to get told about yourself. INAPPROPRIATE at its best. I was I shock to see you walk in with my same outfit, as I again was about to have a mentorship conversation with you. That weirdo ish honey! I gave you a bunch of chances because I always want to see a young girl win but honey you have been CHOPPED!

To my Insta followers…love Yall but if you know anything about me I don’t play with my family and I don’t play with my hubby. Not insecure at all just not for the games #staystrong #useyour15minsOFfameWisely #getbooked #maybeI’llmanageyou2 #besmart this will be deleted in a hour don’t want to pollute my page