Black or White Movie Review| The Color of HOPE

Detroit CEO Magazine

Heroic. Inspiring. Masterfully written.

Writer, director and native Detroiter Mike Binder brings a brilliant and riveting screen performance to life in the film Black or White. Starring Academy award-winning actors Kevin Costner (Elliott Anderson), an affluent attorney and Octavia Spencer (Rowena Jeffers), a self-made business woman, and actors Anthony Mackie (Jeremiah Jeffers) and Jillian Estell (Eloise Anderson), real life events unfold as Elliot is suddenly struck by the tragic loss of his wife. Overcome with grief and still mourning the death of his daughter, Eloise’s mother, he’s now left to deal with his own issues of anger and a growing drinking habit all while being left to care for her. Affectionately known as Puppy, curly-haired Eloise finds herself in the middle of a heated battle while learning the true reasons her father hasn’t come to visit her.


Family tensions ensue when Eloise’s paternal grandmother Rowena seeks full custody of her…

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