Some Realilitea…..

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According to BallerAlert.Com Brittish Williams brought the name of

Draya swim suit line Mint-Swim.Draya Michele (@sodraya) • Instagram photos and videos

Because of some beef Brittish has with her play auntie and cousin they spilled the tea to Draya about it and Draya told the producers of Basket Ball Wives LA it was her of Brittish and that why Brittish is not on the show anymore see the tea and the proof below:

“It all started during her first season of filming basketball wives  when her ex-girlfriends (rapper) Tiffany Fox and Manager Tara St. James and their  cousin hair stylist Anthony Cherry (who during Brittish’s first season did her hair and purposely f***** it up because she wouldn’t bring Tiffany Fox on the show to film with her to help promote her rapping career). Mind you.. brittish and tiffany fox had been friends for years, tiffany is 10 years older than brittish and was like a aunty to her.

During her first season of doing the show they harassed and threaten her. It eventually lead to brittish firing back and going their with them. They became scared and decided to file orders of protection against her ( proof attached below)

Now to the basketball wives la filming BS, Brittish and the star of the show didn’t hit off from jump street. During the season they said mean things to one another, Brittish who is the owner of the Love of Labels boutique started slacking on her boutique because of her new focus on the show, Draya attacked her on it numerous times, british fires back and purchases the trademark to Draya’s company Mint-Swim , yes you have she owns the the tittle to the company. Draya found out because tiffany and her manager had a private attorney investigate brittish and everything she owned and they informed draya, draya not happy with the information went to production and said it was either brittish or me.( proof  of brittish owning drayas company attached below)

But off camera brittish has tried several attempts at returning the trademark and apologizing to draya….

And there you have it that why she will not be returning to the show…..”

Baby that tea is PIPING HOT!!!!!! Of course there are some receipts. See below.

A couple pages from the trademark paperwork.